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Energy Candle Triglav, medium
Ø 4 cm, Height 9,7 cm
Energy Candle Triglav, medium

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  • Perger Energy Candles
    Since 1757 the Perger family manually produces beeswax candles in loving collaboration with the Slovenian bees. The beeswax is additionally enriched with essential honey oil which the family produces themselves. 800 kilo honey are needed for one litre of this oil. The design is strengthened by fine gold leaf threads.
    The scent of these candles is simply infatuating....
    Even if you do not light them but only leave them standing in a room, after a short while, the whole room is filled with their wonderful scent.
    They have something "holy" about them - it is as if their mere presence opens a channel to heaven.
    Thus, it is not surprising that among others, his Holiness Dalai Lama, the venerable Sai Baba and the popes Johannes Paul II and Benedikt XVI call a Perger candle their own.
    All Perger products are delivered in a noble, golden gift wrapper including a detailed description.

    Energetic Peace Candle "Triglav" - medium
    The shape symbolizes the tri-holiness of the universe: body- mind- soul / father - son - holy ghost.
    This candle contains a vibration that leads us to inner peace and love. She brightens and purifies the room s atmosphere and fills it with love.

    Sai Baba about the Triglav candle:
    "When you light the Triglav candle you become aware of the divine game in order to be able to recognize yourself in the game. 1. the truth, 2. righteous behaviour, 3. love for all beings, 4. non-violence, 5. peace. "

    approx. ø 4, H: 9,7 cm

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